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There is now a way to learn meditation and other techniques directly from awakened instructors from anywhere around the world – you will want to discover these secrets for yourself right away, and now you can.

What makes 'Practice with Awakenend' course so unique? All lessons are provided by awakened instructors of World of Awakening – they will give you not just formal methods, but transmit their state of mind and heart, which is an essential component of the teaching method. 

You will get knowledge that was passed for decades from the Teacher to students, and now available for everybody all over the world! Yes, it is here for you – look no further! 

In just a few days you will learn powerful techniques for your everyday life, which will help you to unlock your potential, find power reserves, harmonize relationships, increase efficiency of work and joy of life, and, finally, build the foundation for further development towards awakening and beyond. 

Whether you are new to the meditation or already have quite a good experience –  this is a great course to get step-by-step guidance into the practice which actually makes a difference to your day to day life.

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 This course will give you century old knowledge in a simple and effective way, which you may start practicing today and apply to your everyday life.

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For many meditation and spiritual practices are associated with hidden knowledge available only for those who live in the mountains of Tibet. Now you have access to it too.

Simple Yet Effective

You may have tried various yoga practices and went to retreats yet struggled to notice any real change in your life.  And even found meditation boring or hard to practice - this will never happen again!

The Six Modules of The Course

  • Thoughts
    Learn to manage our thoughts and calm our chatty minds.
  • Concentration
    You can learn how to direct your attention effectively and for longer periods of time.
  • Health
    Improve our relationship with our body and begin feeling physically better.
  • Relationships
    How to maintain and create better relationships with the people that matter to you.
  • Joy
    Learn how to manifest joy in life independent of external conditions.
  • Awakening
    How to take the next step in human evolution towards our true selves.

What Results Can Be Achieved


Every displeasure comes from self-rejection and the outer world’s denial. Meditation is going to release tension and help to trust life.


Meditation initiates your inner mechanisms of purification from accumulated tension and mind programs.


Practice helps to get rid of illusive limits, prejudices, and everything that separates us from our true potential within!


Initiate changes in your perception and psychophysics for the awakening of your true being

Meet Your Instructors

Artyom Isaykin

Awakened instructor of Giving School, certified teacher of Yoga Alliance International

"Looking back I understand that life was always acting in a good way to me and there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t have overcome to move forward. Everything was done with great care and for the benefit of me. I saw how methods of the Givin School worked for me for all these years. Although I could keep mentioning all the changes in my life, but more importantly that everything that is unnecessary, superficial and obstructs the natural flow of life simply disappeared, bringing me into the new state of mind and soul. This is a natural state for each of us, we all lived in it as children, but at some point we lost it. Now I really want to share with others the knowledge which made this transformation possible for me – this is a great joy and honor for me."

Anna Sokol

Awakened instructor of Giving School

She is young yet has a broad life experience. Anna is purposeful and determined, at the same time light and easygoing awakened soul. "Since childhood I have gained a very concentrated life experience. I have travelled a lot and performed with a dance group. My route was: Gorlovka-Kiev-Australia. And thanks to this, I saw that no matter what cultural, religious or social background you have, what everyone wants is happiness and love. At the same time the majority of people for some reason are stuck in different kinds of contrived external problems, not realizing that the life they see is only their perception of it. I have always been interested in psychology, self-knowledge and everything connected with self awareness. I searched for the answer of who I truly am and whether there is a single thought in my head that truly belongs to me, or it’s all been persuaded by social opinion, marketing and people around me. Since I experienced the answers to these questions at the School, my purpose and biggest inspiration is to give such opportunity to others. Ignite this thrill of moving towards the essence of life and awaken each Soul.”

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If for any reason the course does not meet your expectations you can request your money back within 30 days. No questions asked.

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